Art and Mondial Revolts. Ivor Stodolsky


Between community, media, activism and an art institution. Modalities of the critical in contemporary Russia. Alexandra Novozhenova


(Re)Claiming the Public Space. Artist Actions at Politically Charged Places. Sandra Frimmel 


The Chronicles of the Russian Activist Art. Tatiana Volkova


’Monstration’ as Means of Neutralising State Propaganda. Artem Loskutov


Ethics, City and Subjectness.
The Boundaries of Activism and Protest Art. Olja Reznikova


Perspectives of Social Graphic Art in Russia. Viktoria Lomasko 


Pedagogical Poem. The Archive of the Future Museum of History. Arseniy Zhilyaev 


 The School of Engaged Art Chto Delat’ – Work Experience.  Dmitiy Vilensky – Chto Delat?


Public Criticism in Today’s Russia, Alliances and Tensions Between Protest and Art Spaces. Alexander Bikbov 


Vasyl Cherepanyn 


Partizaning: Guerilla Practices of Participatory Urban Re-Planning in Russia. Igor Ponosov 


Artist’s position in Russia today. Anna Nistratova 


From Love to Hate: The Polarity of Opinion as an Instrument of Political Speculations Around Public Art in Russia. Perm Case.
Nailia Allakhverdieva 


What’s Wrong with Public Space in Russian Cities? The Case of Public Art Festival in St. Petersburg. Lilia Voronkova