Igor Ponosov

Igor Ponosov (*1980 in Nizhnevartovsk) is a Russian street artist activist of the ‘Partizaning’ movement, and author of several publications on urban art. In 1999, he moved to Kiev, where he began his artistic work as a graffiti writer. Ponosov has been living and working in Moscow since 2003. Between 2005 and 2009, he published three books on street art in Russia and the ex-USSR. From 2011 to 2013, he curated ‘The Wall’, a project on CCA ‘Winzavod’ in Moscow. In 2011, he founded partizaning.org as a website for activists, artists and urbanists.

Partizaning: Guerilla practices of participatory urban re-planning in Russia.

‘Partizaning’ (v): public art practices that strategically challenge, shape, and reinvent urban and social realities.

Partizaning is a movement, a collective, and a website. We document examples of art-based activism, interventions, and urban re-planning from around the world. We believe that increasingly shared socio-political realities and dissatisfaction can be strategically addressed using art-based ‘partizaning’ tactics.

Our aim is to explore the role of art as a practical tool for inclusive city regeneration and social activism. It evolves out of the cultural, political and social crisis facing contemporary Russia. We provide documentation and analysis of the role of art in reshaping public spaces, cities and human interactions – globally.

Our presentation will show the main initiatives and tactics employed during 3.5 years since the birth of the ‘Partizaning’ movement: from illegal Urban Interventions to official programs in cooperation with the government of Moscow.