Alexander Bikbov

Alexander Bikbov. Sociologist. Born in Moscow, currently living in Moscow and Rome. Current positions and affiliations include: deputy director of the Centre for Contemporary Philosophy and Social Sciences within the Philosophy Department at Moscow State University; associate fellow at Maurice Halbwachs Research Center in Paris; member of editorial board at Interdisciplinary Review Logos in Moscow.

Research projects have focused on: civil protest in Russia since 2011, science and education reforms, structures and practices in the artistic arena, social imagery and social order, inequalities and social justice and the sociology of science and the intellectual world. In 2014, he published a book “The Grammar of Order: On the Historical Sociology of the Concepts That Change Our Reality” (Publishing House of Higher School of Economics, in Russian). Recent publications in foreign languages include the following articles: “The Methodology of Studying ‘Spontaneous’ Street Activism” (2012); ″Mobilisation à Moscou: ni ‘manifestations de l’opposition’, ni ‘révolution arabe’″ (2012); ″A Strange Defeat: The Reception of Pierre Bourdieu’s Works in Russia″ (2009); ″Is Sociology the Same Discipline in Russia and France? A Brief Political Micro-History″ (2009); ″Der Begriff ‚Persönlichkeit‘ als Indikator latenter Bürgerlichkeit im ‚spätsozialistischen‘ Sowjetstaat″ (2008). Participant of several civil initiatives and solidarity campaigns in Russia.